Anti Gray Hair Vitamins
Mens Advanced Formula

- Helps reduce graying hair
- Saw palmetto for Men's health
- Stop premature gray hair
- Promotes healthy hair growth
- Youthful darker hair color
Anti Greying Hair Vitamins
Womens Advanced Formula

- Look younger, Feel better
- Gain more confidence
- Stop premature gray hair
- Folates, Iron, Biotin for Women
- Rejuvinates your hair
Perfect everyday shampoo and conditioner for both Women and Men. Helps restore gray hair to it's darker, youthful color, and is ideal for any hair type. Plus it is 100% safe and promotes healthy hair growth!

Anti Gray Hair Vitamins, Shampoo
Stop Premature Greying Hair Naturally!

Premature gray hair can happen to anyone. It can be brought on by stress, heredity, poor health or a host of other factors. If you are looking for a guaranteed way to stop gray hair, look no further, MelanPlus is for you.

MelanPlus is an advanced gray hair vitamin formulation based on the ancient Chinese hair rejuvination herbal He Shou Wu. With formulations specifically designed for both Men and Women, MelanPlus can become anyone's ultimate gray hair treatment.

Less Gray Hair in 120 days!
MelanPlus is guaranteed to restore your hair's youthful luster, and promote healthy looking hair growth. Just try MelanPlus for 120 days with no risk, if it doesn't help you stop coloring your gray hair, we'll gladly refund your purchase.

See How MelanPlus Works to Stop Gray Hair

While it is ideal to make MelanPlus hair vitamins a permanent part of your daily diet, there should be some difference after just 90 days of use. The first sign that it's working is usually hair that grows faster than normal, thicker, and healthier looking hair. The best results are usually seen after 4-6 months of use.

In addition, it's important to note that a host of other factors including diet, stress level, and smoking can impact MelanPlus' effectiveness. The key to seeing results is consistent, routine use.

NEW - Anti Graying Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
Melanplus Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with vitamins, minerals, botanicals, proteins, and moisturizing oils to promote thick, healthy hair growth.